Is This the Unlikeliest Friendship in America?

She’s a gay rights activist. He’s an evangelical Christian. They tell us why “impossible” friendships can be our most valuable.

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A Therapist Teaches Us How to Connect

A crash course in reaching out to those who feel furthest away.

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Why Millennials Are Moving Into Convents With Nuns

Even as young people eschew religion, some are forming unexpected bonds with sisters of faith through a shared commitment to social justice.

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What Canada Can Teach America about Racial Reconciliation

Both countries have a shameful history of oppression. One of them is facing up to it.

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United by Activism, Separated by Decades

A young BLM activist and a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement connect across a lifetime of struggle.

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LGBTQ+ and Religious People, Face to Face

Bonus video! In this moving short film, two groups that have long struggled to connect finally let their guards down.


It’s a friendship that, to many people, might seem hard to comprehend: she’s a gay rights activist who worked to legalize same-sex marriage, and he’s an evangelical Christian who worked to prevent it. Yet Sheila Kloefkorn and Glenn Stanton found a way to reconcile these differences and form a friendship that suggests there’s no ideological divide that can’t be bridged. Earlier in We Are Not Divided, we told you the story of Braver Angels, the organization that initially brought them together. Now they tell us, in their own words, why they stay friends — and explain the inherent value in forming bonds with those you disagree with.

This is the first video in “Bridging Divides,” a five-part series for We Are Not Divided hosted by Scott Shigeoka, in which we meet people whose personal experiences show us how real-life divisions can be overcome, despite the odds. See the transcript of this conversation here